Pirates of the Caribbean

It surely is a fantasy world, a one week cruise in the Caribbean. After a huge snowfall, you drive through freezing rain to the Ottawa airport. A few hours later you are walking around in shirtsleeves in south Florida. The next day you are off for a week of hot, humid island hopping. Then it’s back to Fort Lauderdale, into the airport and presto! – you return to more ice and another snow dump. It’s hard to believe that one week ago we were shopping for T-shirts in George Town, Grand Cayman.

It was fun though. We had some quality time with the grandkids who enjoyed the Fun Factory on the ship as well as being with the old folks. The two older ones slept in our cabin so we were up early every day. And the ship (Celebrity Silhouette) was familiar to us. It was our second time on her, and we’ve had 5 other cruises on two of her sister ships. In fact it’s pathetic when on the first day you know exactly where to go to get the bread pudding without even a second thought.

Here’s our water taxi in Cozumel.

I plan to write a little bit more about our cruise┬áin the coming days. It’ll probably take me longer to write about it than it was to experience it, but that’s how it goes when you live a fantasy life.

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  1. Nancy 5 years ago

    We need a couple of days to find our way around on a cruise ship.

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