Peter Paul & Mary

Day II in Rome was a Saturday and we planned to take the Metro. However, our task got complicated right away. Three stops on the Red Line were closed due to emergency escalator repair – including our closest stop Spagna. There was another stop called Flaminia which wasn’t too far away. We had to walk up to and through Piazza del Popolo to find it. On the way, we did a few more touristy things.

There are “twin” churches at Piazza del Popolo – right at the upper end of Via del Corso. we went into the one on the right – Santa Maria dei Miracoli.

Another lovely Baroque interior with an image of Mary over the altar.

The kids took a break before we moved on to the Flaminia Metro station.

It wasn’t long till we found the station and headed over to the Vatican. Only a couple of stops.

We got off the Metro at Ottaviani and walked over to St Peter’s. The square was full; the lineup to get into the Basilica went all the way around it and looked to be about a 3-hour wait. But it was moving, so Sarah convinced me to get in line.

After about 20 minutes we were halfway there. The line was caused by metal detectors at the entrance to St. Peter’s. Once we got by that, we got in immediately.

Because of the crowds inside, Sarah told everyone to wait at the statue of St. Veronica if by chance we got separated or lost. Good thing – because Grandpa got lost.

I was following the family when I was jammed by a tourist group. When the bodies cleared away, the rest of them were gone. They had exited down a side passageway into the crypt.

So I went back and hung out with Veronica (stone edition) until Dave showed up to rescue me. I followed him back down into the crypt where the others were waiting.

During my downtime, I managed to get a photo of the dome from the inside. Did I mention how much I LOOOVE St. Peter’s…NOT!!!!

On our way back to the Ottaviani station we stopped for drinks and pizza. Very elegant lunch dodging the taxis.

After another Metro ride, change at Termini, we arrived at St Paul Outside the Walls.

After the craziness of St.Peter’s, St Paul’s was quiet, serene, contemplative – a refreshing oasis for the soul.

I just sat quietly and decompressed a while.

It was well worth the trip, believe me.

Teddy and Nonna examining the resting place of St.Paul.

They have portraits of every Pope since St Peter and room for quite a few more. Right now the spotlight is on Francis.

After our visit to St. Paul Outside the Walls, we grabbed the Metro and returned to Flaminia. We were ready for some of that famous Venchi gelato and later on – more pasta. So ended our day with Peter, Paul (and Mary.)

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