Our Boy

His much-anticipated birth was a highlight of a year marked otherwise by a lot of sorrow and family tragedy. He was born on a historic day when an African American man assumed the Presidency of the United States. He’s our first grandchild and only grandson. Quite a start if I do say so.

And he has grown. Oh my, has he ever. It looks like he’ll be a tall lanky young man at this point. His radiant smile is changed a bit into a hockey player’s grin since his front teeth are out now. That’ll change again, and he’ll be back to his usual heartthrob looks – dark hair and big brown eyes which contrast with his sisters.

He’s a smart kid too – like his grandpa he can focus like a laser on stuff that interests him. He’s enjoyed Thomas the Tank Engine, Hot Wheels, and now Iron Man and the Super Heroes. His reading ability is uncanny for a child of 7. I think he’ll be a math whiz someday. He can certainly whip my butt in online auto racing.

Like his mother, he’s friendly and outgoing and empathetic, ready to help anyone who is in need. He’s creative and enjoys drawing and painting like his dad.

He’s been counting down the days to his birthday, and now it’s here. Happy birthday and much love to Teddy. He’ll always be Our Boy

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  1. John and Nancy Peters 5 years ago

    I can feel the love, joy and pride in your writing about Teddy!

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