Optical Optimum

Well my cataract surgery has now reached a happy ending (at least for now.) Everything healed up nicely, I have a stable eyeglass prescription and today I am back with glasses after a couple of months getting by without them. The replacement lenses very slightly undercorrected my distance prescription so that had to be fixed. Also I have some astigmatism which has been corrected. I need additional power to be able to read small print, so even if I had gone with the most expensive implant (Toric to correct astigmatism) I would still have needed reading glasses. So the slight upcharge I paid to get the aspheric and high contrast  monofocal Tecnis lenses turned out to be my best solution.

I don’t mind glasses, since I have worn progressive lenses for years and I am already used to the prescription after a couple of hours with it. The improvement in my vision – while certainly not as dramatic as noted after the cataracts were gone – is quite remarkable. Now I can read road signs clearly and I don’t have to get close to the TV in order to read the finer print. With the reading prescription I can read the smallest print on the eye chart. It’s been years since I’ve seen this well – distance, intermediate, up close.

The frames above – Stepper titanium – were relatively inexpensive but light and strong. My color is more navy than gun metal grey but you get the idea. I have Transitions photochromic lenses so I have built-in sunglasses if needed.

I don’t think I’ve undergone anything medical that has increased the quality of my life as much as getting my vision back. If you are in need of cataract removal don’t be afraid to put yourself in the hands of a good surgeon and optometrist. Your odds are excellent to have a better outlook.



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