One Year Later

As the summer solstice nears again, I am reminded of the fact that one year ago today we were in Helsinki on our Baltic cruise. The days at the 60th parallel were truly long even in comparison with those in Ottawa at this time of year. I believe in St Petersburg it started to get dark around 12 PM and was brightening up around 3 AM – no wonder they call ’em “White Nights.”
It was a truly memorable vacation and I have to thank Sarah and Dave for convincing us we’d really enjoy cruising. Great food, unpack once and take your hotel with you, visit a bunch of great Maritime cities including the magnificent capital of Czarist Russia – I mean how bad could it be? We didn’t need Gravol once, either.
We’re planning to do it again in November. Barcelona to Venice by way of Istanbul (not Constantinople). I can’t wait.

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