One More Time

Your mother asked me if I was feeling old because once again the baseball season is over, the leaves are turning color, and another anniversary is on the horizon. Yes to all of the above.

So I’ll post a pic from the springtime – when we were younger. Do you remember it? I had to photoshop it a bit to remove some graffiti, but it still should stir some memories.

As we do this birthday bit one more time, I reflect on the things you’ve accomplished so far – award-winning student at every level, leader in the university community, scientist, food regulatory expert, human resources specialist, wife, mother, world traveler, home educator, catechist, theology student, apple picker. Quite a C.V. for someone who’s only 7 in cat years. Hopefully, there are many more milestones ahead.

What makes me proudest is how you have made the most of your God-given talent while becoming and remaining a good person – you are an example to my grandchildren, and I am sure they’ll be on the same great path in life.

As the seasons turn, you still in the summertime of life, me well into December – I look back and forward to continuing to be your proud dad. That’ll never change – No matter how many times we get to do this.

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