On The Beach

We finished up our port calls with a visit to Royal Caribbean’s private resort at Labadee, Haiti.

Labadee is a peninsula in a rugged part of the island. I’m not sure how the locals who work there actually commute; probably by boat as there don’t appear to be any roads over the nearby hills.

The cruise line uses this tender to take passengers over to the other end of the peninsula.

Dave, Sarah and the kids staked out a spot along with a couple of their friends from the Celebrity Fun Factory.

The younger set enjoyed the sand and the water while the old folks went for a tour of Labadee. It was HOT.

More sand and sea.

It was a fun spot for the passengers; not so much for the crew as they had to bring a lot of food and drinks on shore for the BBQ and other events.

Aside from the beach area the shoreline and surrounding area is pretty rugged. The nearby village of Labadie was settled in the late 1600s.

A view of the coastline right astern of the ship.

Too hot out here for me folks. There’s a cold brew waiting for me on Deck 14. See ya later.




Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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