On Being a Grandpa

Well, my grandson Teddy is 2 1/2 weeks old now so maybe some grandfatherly comments are in order:

(1) I am really proud of my daughter and son-in-law. Sarah coped with hours of labor and natural childbirth with great courage, and has been up to the challenges of two difficult weeks as Teddy adjusts to life in the real world. Dave will be a natural dad – he’s jumped right into all the tasks of parenthood with enthusiasm, support and good humor.

(2) Maria has been a great help to them – in the right way. She cooked and cleaned house for a week so that the new parents could bond with the baby and concentrate on his needs.

(3) Teddy appears to be an even tempered little guy that is dealing well with the ups and downs of early childhood. He cries when he needs you, but otherwise he’s pretty laid back and calm.

(4) I haven’t forgotten how to hold and burp a baby although it’s been awhile.

(5) It’s amazing how fast kids grow and develop. You see a change even in a couple of days at this age. I’m looking forward to the first smile in a couple of months though.

(6) I really don’t feel any older being a grandpa. It’s a stage of life that feels right to me now, just as being a dad felt right when Sarah was born.

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  1. Dave 12 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ve also appreciated your many assurances that pretty much every stage in a kid’s development is a fantastic one. I went in prepared for a three month grind until that first smile comes and the whole thing starts to become less grueling. But you’re right: I’ve enjoyed each day, even this early on. And yes, it’s been grueling, but amazing all the same.

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