Old School IT

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Do I use Facebook? Why, yes I do. Do I stream songs on Amazon Music? Guilty. Do I watch YouTube videos? Indeed.

However- I don’t want to see the world in VR – like a video game. I don’t want to walk around with Google showing up on my glasses. I have trouble enough looking at a smartphone screen. Fuggedaboudit.

BTW – here’s how my computer setup looked like when we moved to Almonte – this was the only PC I had back then.

I still have a desktop system running on this computer desk. It’s a Dell minitower – much more compact and powerful. The CRT monitor is now a 24 inch flatscreen. The speakers are different. The flatbed scanner is part of my printer now. The old slide scanner is gone – not needed. But I still have an old timey desktop system on the go. It’s still connected to my router with a cable.

Of course I am more wifi oriented now. I have a bunch of junker laptops that connect through wifi – I even have mobile Smartphones on the network.

That said, I am beginning to think of myself as an old school IT dinosaur. I still write and post stuff the way I did in 1998. I am a participant in some old style text based forums and I have this blog.

I take my digital photos with a camera – not a Smartphone. I haven’t joined Instagram or Tik Tok. I don’t think I’ll ever be interested in vlogging or making a podcast.

So I’ll admit it – I am becoming as old school and obsolete as my parents were when they got a computer to send the odd email back in the early 2000s. Not a pretty ending for someone who’s been a geek for close to 60 years. It happens to the best of us, I suppose.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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