It’s a month of contrasts – October. Early on, it’s only 10 days removed from summer and a sunny warm day can be a spectacular sight here in the Valley. Later on, as it segues into cold and gloomy November, you can really sense the chill in the air.

The baseball season winds down while the hockey and basketball seasons spool up. Football is in full swing but there’s a lot to be decided in October.

October marks some anniversaries of joy and sorrow,  Maria and I met in October. There are birthdays of Maria, Sarah and granddaughter Susannah. Also, there is the anniversary of my mother’s passing.

Now that we have retired I suppose we could take a holiday in October and we have – although usually we waited until the end of the month so we could miss a bit of November in a more agreeable clime.

Cool nights and late rising sun means that sleeping in gets easier – and that isn’t a big problem for a retiree. But it seems it’s dark too soon at night as we head for the Winter Solstice.

Tomorrow is the birthday of a beloved daughter and I can never mark the end of a baseball season without being reminded of that day. It was a wet and cool October 2 but I didn’t mind a bit!

All in all, October is a good month to be thankful – for the joys, the sorrows, the memories.



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