October 2, 1977

Jimmy Carter was in the White House. Trudeau and Levesque were in passionate debate about the future of Quebec and Canada. The Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain were firmly in place. Microcomputers were interesting toys. There were no IBM PCs, no World Wide Webs, no mobile devices.

The Expos were winding up their season with 3 future Hall of Famers on their team. One of them was a rookie that year.The Canadiens were beginning another Stanley Cup run with 7 future Hall of Famers on their team.

It was cool and wet and our balky old Plymouth Valiant kept stalling on the way to the hospital. No matter. We had 17 hours to go before a difficult pregnancy would end in a Caesarian section, and I would at last see Sarah in a bassinet which barely confined her. She was on the way to an incubator for 24 hours – a giant among the premies.

Only two kids were born that day – it was the trough of the baby bust. The first one took about 10 minutes and so that left us. Dr. Chafe the OB resident spent the whole day with us. He even smoked his pipe in the labor room – likeĀ thatĀ would happen today!

And so we celebrate the birth and life of a very special girl – kind and loving child and adult, straight A student from start to finish, student senator at Guelph, scientist, HR specialist, wife and mother. Sarah has made us proud always. We wish you a wonderful birthday today and many more – with much love.

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