November Blues

We’ll be spending the month of November in Almonte this year. This hasn’t always been the case for at least part of this gloomy month.

In 2007 we were in the Mediterranean, starting in Barcelona. In 2010 we went to Nassau. In 2011 we cruised to the Caribbean from New York. And in 2016 we came back to Florida from Rome.

A lot of the time we got away to shorten up the cool rainy November experience. This wasn’t always successful, as can be seen from the thundery spell we had in Florence a couple of years ago. At least it was mild.

Sometimes the November weather we encountered was pretty spectacular. Just not here in Almonte.

I make a computer-based calendar every year to put on the kitchen fridge, and I use photos for each month from my digital archives. I have very few local photos for November – usually it is a Med or tropical venue. The reason for this is simple. Almonte isn’t at its best when it is cold, rainy or sleety. And I don’t often feel like going for a photo shoot in the grayest, most unappealing month of the year.

Well, this is not a bad November photo I guess – and it’s even in North America. This pic is of the William H. Seward House in Auburn NY – taken on a glorious day in 2012. Not many of those days that I can remember though. This is about as close to Almonte as I can get at this time of year – and still get a decent photo.

As November approaches, I can take solace in the stimulating activities to come – raking up the last of the leaves, putting the BBQ away, getting winter tires on the Jeep, renewing license plates for the cars, blood tests and doctor visits, flu shot…who could ask for more?


Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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