No Cruise for You!

Well, it would have been nice. Last year at this time Maria and I booked a couple of cruises. Back to back actually. First from Tampa to Barcelona, and second on to Venice. A smaller Royal Caribbean ship, very restful. Stop in Bermuda.

Things started to unravel fast earlier this month. By March 8 it looked like we were going on a floating Petrie dish destined for the hottest COVID-19 spot in the hottest COVID-19 country.

Maria was freaking out and I was pretty queasy myself. So we decided to cancel everything. Since that time:

  • Canada has closed its borders to all but essential travel. That includes the US now.
  • Canadian health authorities advised no travel on cruise ships.
  • Things got worse in Spain and Italy.
  • Air Canada won’t be flying to Tampa after April 1. British Air won’t pick us up in Venice.
  • Royal Caribbean is in limbo until April 11. Our cruise would have been the first one after April 11. You want to chance that? I don’t.

We came out of this pretty well financially. We got a cruise credit for our cruise payment. BA charged us a nominal fee to cancel our return trip. We didn’t do as well with Air Canada but we are appealing their decision. The fact that the whole flight would now be canceled likely will weigh in our favor.

However, a few hundred dollars right now is the least of our concern, considering what might have happened to us. When the house is burning down, you don’t worry about a few bucks in your wallet as you escape.

Maybe it wouldn’t have been that nice, after all.

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