Never Been Here, Never Actually Seen It But…

This stately Victorian farmhouse is in my opinion the home of my great-great grandfather Andrew Valleau Price (1830-1910.) Here he would have raised his large and diverse family which included two dentists, a doctor, a clergyman, and an inventor plus assorted farmers, farmers’ wives, businessmen’s wives, etc. My own line comes down via AV’s oldest daughter who married a local successful farmer. Their daughter married the hired man and the rest shall we say is history.

So what makes me so sure this is the right house given I’ve never seen it? The Internet is a marvelous place. I was able to look at a map of Camden township from 1878 and then at Google Earth – and the roads and topology pictures are surprisingly similar. Then I have this photo:

Reunion of AVP’s family ca 1917. My mother Mary Hawley is the tiny baby being held by great-great uncle Weston Price near the open front door.

The house from 100 years ago and the one from Google Earth look surprisingly alike, and given its location I’m pretty sure that is the “Eagle Rock” farmhouse referenced so often in the family genealogy.

So Google Earth photos, Ancestry, an 1878 local atlas of Lennox and Addington county and a photo from my grandmother’s family album all combined to solve the mystery. Now you know the rest of the story.

I guess I’ll have to take a trip out to Newburgh one of these days to see for myself.


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