My Girl Turns 7

Yesterday (August 24, 2017)  was Veronica’s 7th birthday and she had lots of opportunity to flash her lovely gap toothed smile all kids her age have. Too bad you can’t see it here as this is more her Betty Bacall Look.

She wanted to have Apple Fritters as a special treat and how could we say no? I teased her a bit calling them Apple Critters and she was quick to correct me. She always is – just like her Nonna.

Sometimes you hear that the middle child gets neglected in a family. This will never happen with Veronica. She’s assertive to a “T” and she wants to make sure everyone has a fair share of mommy and daddy’s attention. Maybe she gets a bit more of Grandpa’s but hey…you’re only old once.

I still find her the sweetest and most affectionate of our grandchildren. She has a special spot in her heart for me and I for her. She is the joy of Gunther the tabby cat’s elder years. She feeds him, cuddles him and makes sure he can safely get on and off the couch beside her. She looks out for her older brother and younger sister with passion.

I think Veronica has inherited the musical talents of both her parents. She wants to learn dance and piano and yesterday she was busting a lot of moves in a dance oriented video game – racking up the points as she moved and grooved to “Barbara Ann.” But she’s also a demon karate student – although she’s not a big girl the schoolyard bullies better watch out!

She’s worked hard with her mom to become a proficient reader It didn’t come as easily to her as it did to Teddy but she’s doing well now.

Probably it’s not politically correct to say so but she is a girl’s girl. She loves her dresses and “princess costumes” from the Disney Store. She has a gutsy female character costume from Star Wars to wear for her weekend party when all the kids arrive.

Happy birthday sweet girl. I am sure you’ll be able to twist Grandpa around your little finger for as long as I am able to be twisted.


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