Music on Tap

I was just thinking the other day about the ways I have listened to music over the past 60 years or so:

  1. 45 and 33 RPM records on portable record player.
  2. AM radio on old tube console from the 1940s.
  3. AM radio on Transistor portable.
  4. FM radio on Transistor portable.
  5. AM radio in car.
  6. LP records on stereo record player.
  7. LP records on stereo hifi system.
  8. Reel to reel tape on stereo hi-fi system.
  9. Cassette tape on stereo hi-fi system.
  10. FM Stereo tuner/receiver on hi-fi system.
  11. FM radio in car.
  12. Cassette tape in car.
  13. CD player on hi-fi system.
  14.  Cassette tape on Boombox.
  15. Cassette tape on Walkman.
  16. CD on Walkman.
  17. CD on Boombox.
  18. CD in car.
  19. MP3s on computer.
  20. MP3s on iPod.
  21. Satellite radio in car.
  22. Streaming (Spotify) on computer.
  23. Spotify on Roku box.
  24. Cable TV digital music.
  25. Spotify through tablet connected to hi-fi system.

So it’s taken a lifetime, but I have gone from plastic insets in scratchy old 45 vinyl to nothing but bits and bytes and I’m still listening to rock ‘n roll. Go figure.


Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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