Mr. Oates

He arrived yesterday.

He’s a white and marmalade tabby with copper eyes. He’s only about 8 months old – kinda young for two old folks, but he seems quite dignified for his age. He’s a little nervous exploring the whole house, but he’s a cuddle bug so it shouldn’t take him long to come around.

He’s used to kids so the grandkids won’t totally freak him out when they visit. He’s never been an outdoor cat so we won’t have that problem.

We got him from the Arnprior Humane Society and I took the advice of the staff there as to which possible cat would be suitable. They have over 100 cats so it’s heart breaking and overwhelming to pick one on your own. I probably would not have given this fellow a chance without some coaching, as he wasn’t as aggressively friendly as some others.

So many cats arrive in a shelter through no fault of their own. This little guy was collateral damage in a marriage breakdown – nobody wanted the responsibility to care for him so he was surrendered to the custody of the shelter.

Oh yes – his name was Oats. We thought it fits him, but we added an “e” so he now is more famous I guess. His moniker is possibly reminiscent of:

  • John Oates – blue eyed soul artist, guitarist and singer.
  • Johnny Oates – legendary baseball manager.
  • Adam Oates – hockey player.
  • Warren Oates – actor in Sam Peckinpah movies.
  • Capt. Lawrence Oates – tragic hero of the Scott South Pole expedition in 1912.

We’ll probably call him “Oatesy” – just sayin’.

I am grateful to Maria’s kindness in getting a new guy so soon after Sammy left us. Mr. Oates is too – he slept at her feet last night. He’s working hard to get a place in her heart. As for me – he had me at “Meow.”

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