More Lessons in Appliance Failure

I believe there is another Appliance Failure Law that says:

  • If an appliance has been in use for approximately 10 years there is a 90% probability of a major meltdown.

The latest casualty at home is a rather unsung piece of metal in the basement called an HRV unit. This is something that is needed in well insulated houses in Canada during the cold weather. It is a heat exchanger that draws in cold outside air and warms it a bit with the warm humid inside air it’s exhausting from the inner space. It keeps the humidity at a decent level inside and is far more heat efficient than opening the windows. It’s great when it works.

Right now it appears to be broken though. I’ve tried rebooting it and checked the circuit breaker and power supply to it, but the motor’s not running.  The electric dampers open and close so I think the control board is OK. The repair adviser at the furnace service company thinks the motor may be toast – he’s replaced a bunch of them already this fall.

Without the HRV the windows fog up, and Maria gets grumpy. Gotta get it fixed.

All it takes is money. Not as much as replacing the fridge, but expensive enough. The repair person’s on his way this afternoon.

Update: The service company sent Adam – our favorite technician. He had the old motor out and a new one in – in 20 minutes. No more fogged up windows. Maria is happy.



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  1. Maria 6 years ago

    Yeah, it’s fixed! Thanks Ray for calling and Adam for fixing it.

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