More Gyrations with Mr. Rogers

No, not that Mr. Rogers – I mean Rogers Communications. That’s Ted Rogers, not Fred Rogers.

Cable TV and satellite providers in Canada keep moaning about the fact that customers are thinking of cutting the cord. Do they ever think that their own stupid policies may influence that decision? Probably not.

Here is a typical Cable TV customer scenario:

  1. You sign up for a package of channels you like, along with an Internet package.
  2. After a year your package expires. The provider never lets you know in advance that this will happen.
  3. Your bill suddenly goes up. This is your first clue that things have changed.
  4. You contact the provider, only to be told your package is now obsolete. You can’t get a discount any longer.
  5. Provider offers you a new package which isn’t the same as your old one. Thanks to regulatory changes in the industry you now have to mix and match channels to get what you want.
  6. At the end of the day, you get back what you had – but it’ll cost you. You get a faster Internet package but since most of your devices connect via wifi you won’t see any change in speed.
  7. Get ready to do this all over again next April.

Add to this the fact that you’ll waste an hour or so sitting in a chat queue, or on hold when you make a phone call to Rogers.

All the fol de rol about the CRTC changes benefiting the customer are just that – nonsense.

Cutting the cord isn’t really an option either, at least not where we live in Canada. We don’t get Hulu or any streaming service that gives us over the air TV channels. We have Netflix but it is a shadow of its US operation. Why? Ask our regulators and Cable companies. They want to stifle competition.

As if we have competition now. My choice in Almonte is cable or satellite. I don’t want a satellite dish hanging off my roof, thank you. Besides the satellite provider offers old-fashioned phone service and pokey Internet.

The good news is that things seem OK now. The bad news is I’ll be back at this in a year’s time. Argh!



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