Mighty Mississippi

One of the best things about living is Almonte is the Mississippi River that flows through downtown. No, not that Mississippi – this one is the minor Canadian version.

A couple of weeks ago the river was roaring with the spring run-off. Now the upper falls are trickling as the new membrane weir from the small powerhouse holds back the flow for the generators.

Still quiet at the Barley Mow pub as well – but it’ll pick up later today as folks look for a cool spot to have a brew.

Water flows past the mini-dam at the Thoburn Mill and gleams in the morning sunlight.

The new small powerhouse will be busy churning out some megawatts for the A/C units in town.

Further down the river, things are pretty calm after the spring flood.

Up at the main falls, not much going on now as the big power plant sucks the river dry – but you can see what went on a couple of weeks ago.

Most of the river flow is headed down the penstocks to the turbines – the rest is just show business for the tourists.

Downtown it’s a quiet morning by the Naismith statue – the real busy season begins in July with all the festivals and antique shopping.

Things get a bit out of control with wide angle lens and some crazy angles in this perspective view of the old Victorian post office – now a trendy Italian restaurant.

Back at the river, I admired this 1930s bench which incorporates an old millstone with a sculpture by R. Tait McKenzie. I enjoyed my tour of Almonte’s riverscape and I hope you did as well.



Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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