Message In A Bottle

It’s a great Police song and a useful metaphor for a tiny personal blog like this one.

Let’s be realistic – a site like Almontage is not ever going to be Google-esque when it comes to traffic. There will be limited interest in the articles here – there’s not much in the way of politics or controversy. And it’s a big Ocean – oops big Internet – out there. Who will be motivated to find it?

I do have a Search Engine Optimizer installed, but that is more to get the tags right so my pics show up in Facebook previews.

I am not out to sell anything, advertise anything, get memberships or have a paywall. Some people start a blog to make money, but I think there are lots of more lucrative activities out there if you need cash. Maybe you could work at Tim Horton’s.

So here I stand on the beach. I toss another bottle into the sea. Maybe somebody will find it. Maybe not. Maybe I’ll get charged with littering.

If I think about it, the only reason for me to have a blog is for fun. There is joy in writing – a joy I never had much of in my work life. And there is a lot to keep my mind occupied in administering the website. I have to know Linux file structure, a bit of HTML and CSS, how various and sundry plug-ins work. I have to moderate comments and dump spam in the trash. Recently I introduced Cloudflare to make things work a bit faster. This may not sound like fun to you but it is for me. Keeps my mind active too.

I suppose I could write my posts on Facebook, but then they would own everything and benefit from advertising on their pages. Also Facebook – or any blog site – could terminate my account and all my posts at any time. This way I maintain my independence.

I have had my own little corner of the Internet since 1998, so I guess I’ll keep on keepin’ on. Now, where did I put those bottles?


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