Loco Fantasy

When my Windows 7 install crashed in December 2014 I had to reinstall all my programs including my Train Simulator 2015 files. I lost all my custom train consists, so I had to make new ones to play the game properly.

I took advantage of the disaster to create a few new trains that probably never existed in real life. Here we see a big ugly old LMS 7F freight loco sitting at Settle station. Instead of a bunch of coal wagons or boxcars, it is heading up a set of articulated teak coaches designed by Sir Nigel Gresley for the rival LNER. So wrong engine, wrong train.

Instead of a sleek passenger locomotive hauling these carriages at 70 MPH or more, they’ll be lucky to get up to 35 MPH with the freight loco doing the work. Sir Nigel would not be amused.


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