Our grandson Teddy (shown here with his sisters) will be celebrating his 14th birthday on Friday. Joy seems to be a good theme for his enthusiastic celebration of life. He continues to radiate good will and kindness without a hint of cynicism.

Teddy also continues to love his martial arts pursuits; he’s now an accomplished cross country runner, and has taken up chess with gusto. He’s also a fine scholar – loves reading military history and he’s getting into mathematics too – “I can handle it.”

He carries on with his boundless interest in video games – especially Pokemon and Wi sports. He confuses Grandpa with his intricate knowledge of such things but hey…

It blows the mind that 4 years after this one he’ll be starting a post-secondary school regime. It seems like yesterday we were going to see him at the maternity hospital.

He is very selfless and cheers on everyone else in games and competitions. He is a loyal friend and everyone wants to be his best buddy.

Happy birthday Teddy and we hope to be around to see you become the fine young man we know you will.

Love from Nonna and Grandpa.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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