With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing daily, our provincial authorities are starting to get serious about “flattening the curve.” In other words, try to delay the onset of a serious outbreak enough that the Health System can deal with it.

Since there’s no vaccine the only way to slow things down is some sort of mutual isolation. The risks right now are low, but we are in a higher risk group. So it begins for us.

Social Distancing: This is the preliminary stage. We’ll try to limit our travel as much as possible. Avoid crowds, try to stand a couple of meters away from another person, wash our hands often, cough or sneeze into our sleeves or a tissue. We should be able to go out for a walk if the weather is OK, or do some grocery shopping. I have an optometrist appointment I plan to keep tomorrow.

Self Isolation: We’ll need to do this if things get worse. That would mean staying home for at least two weeks or until things improve. We have stockpiles of food and medication if we need to go into self isolation. Anyone who’s returning to Canada from an international destination will be more or less required to self isolate. Of course if we get the symptoms of COVID-19 we have to call our local Health Unit and probably get tested. Hopefully if we are careful it won’t come to that.

I remember as a child the terror that arose during polio epidemics, or of seeing a house in the neighborhood under quarantine for Scarlet Fever. I never thought in my wildest dreams we’d be back at that stage 65 years later. Yet here we are.

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