Is It Spring Finally?

It’s been a month on the calendar, the trees haven’t got their leaves yet but today was the first real sign of spring in Almonte. It’s been a long time coming but I think it’s here. I felt so confident I got the winter tires off the Jeep today.

The spring run-off is in full swing, over the new weir for the Enerdu power station.

And the powerhouse is virtually complete.

Water flows over the rebuilt dam at the old Thoburn textile mill.

While the former water turbine at the mill sits idly by in retirement.

The kids are out enjoying the fine weather.

Another sure sign of spring – cleaning up the patio at the pub.

The main falls are roaring with the spring freshet.

While Almonte’s main power station gets all the water it needs – and then some.

The historic “Black Watch” sign gleams in the spring sunshine.

No more trains will cross this bridge after 150 years but it’ll be part of the new rail trail.

The Riverwalk is as inviting as ever.

And this old water pump that used to be part of the Thoburn Mill fire system is just taking it easy now. A perfect thing to do on such a fine spring day in Almonte.

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