Happy Birthday

This was the first birthday party for Maria I attended. She looks happy. (It was actually for her and a couple of other folks in the picture.)

It was a while ago, so I won’t say how long. However, I’ve had the occasion to celebrate a few more with her over the years and tomorrow marks another occasion. We’ll be celebrating with the grandkids.

I’ve certainly had plenty of reason to be grateful for her presence in my life over the years. Loving wife, life-long partner, mother to Sarah, doting grandmother, dutiful daughter, hard working teacher who influenced thousands of kids over the years. She continues her service to the community as a volunteer in a shop that serves the poor and not-so poor, and contributes the profits back to many organizations in the town.

Besides that, there isn’t a person in the world that Mr. Oates loves more – most nights she wears him around her neck like a furry collar.

So happy birthday my dear and I hope I’m around to celebrate a few more with you. God bless.


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