Hangin’ Out with the Bajans

When I learned about math back in the stone age, I found out that a Bayesian was a particular type of statistician. More recently I found out that a Bajan is an inhabitant of Barbados. The two names are pronounced in the same way. We hung out with some Bajans during our tour of the lovely island of Barbados.

Since we hadn’t been here before we took a bus tour of the island.

Our first stop was Gun Hill. This was a signal and weather station built in 1818. Back then they used gunfire and flags to get your attention about the weather or approaching enemies.

The station has a small museum inside the restored building.

There is quite a commanding view of the island from Gun Hill.

Nice flowers too.

Speaking of flowers, our next stop on the tour was a lovely botanical garden.

We were careful not to stray off the beaten path.

There was an orchid garden that was simply sublime.

You really could not take a bad photo in there.

Maria told me this plant is called Bird of Paradise. Seems logical enough.

Off to the east side of the island now and a visit to St John’s parish church.

A lovely Gothic building with some Norman and even Moorish influences.

Quiet and spiritual on the inside too.

From St. John’s cemetery you get quite a nice view of the Atlantic coast. I don’t think I would want to go swimming here though.

The cemetery is right behind the church.

The final resting place of former Prime Minister David Thompson. This concludes our tour.

Back aboard we noted other ships in port like Seabourn Odyssey.

Plus a couple of Windstar tall ships. I hadn’t seen them before.

And P&O Azura was docked right in front of us.

This concludes our tour of Barbados. We saw lots of flowers, churches and Bajans but didn’t encounter a single statistician.




Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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