Green Christmas

No, I don’t expect the Almonte waterfall to look like Fort Lauderdale on Christmas Day, but we may be about to have a rare event here in the Valley – a green Christmas.

That is so rare, I  don’t have a photo to share of the town without snow in December. Maybe I’ll be able to get one soon.

Between now and next Tuesday it is supposed to get mild, and then a late fall storm will arrive. First, we’ll have some freezing rain and then plain old rain with a high of 6 C. That will take care of what little snow remains.

No major snow event is on the horizon although it’ll probably be cold on the 25th. That’s OK for the travelers. We will be at home this year so we wouldn’t have to worry about driving in bad weather. But I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. We had enough horrible drives when we lived in Georgetown and had to go to Napanee and Kingston for the holiday.

If they ever have a people’s vote to move Christmas to June 25, I’ll be first in line to cast a ballot. But they aren’t likely to ask me.

I suppose there is an obvious solution. Celebrate Christmas in Sydney Australia. Looks like it’ll be sunny and 27 C in Sydney on the 25th. Sadly, nobody’s asked me to do that either.

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