Grandpa Said There’d Be Days Like This

Here is a news item copied from Grandma Hawley’s scrapbook – pasted in there a century ago:

Car Killed Horse Yoked to Sleigh- Driver Jumped
Birch Cliff, Mar 3, 1916. A collision between a York radial car and a horse belonging to Postmaster A. H. Mitchell, at eight o clock this morning between Stops 19 and 20, resulted in the horse being killed and the front of the car badly smashed.

The horse, yoked to a sleigh, was being driven by George E. Hawley. It had just left Mr. Mitchell’s yard and was crossing the tracks when the driver noticed the car rounding the curve a short distance away. He raised his hand but was not seen.

As the car bore down on him, he jumped. The car missed him by about a foot and struck the horse broadside. The animal was hurled about 115 feet. It died as it was being led to the stable. The vestibule was badly smashed up, and the car had to be sent to the barn. The horse was valued at $150.

My grandpa told me lots of stories about his days as a horse driven cartage guy, but never this one. Probably he wanted to put it out of his memory.

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