When my grandson was born in January 2009, we clicked from the moment I held him in my arms at the hospital. He’s the most like me in appearance and temperament and many people have remarked that he is sort of a mini-me (poor kid.) We are still extemely close and he appreciates my sense of humor best. “Grandpa you’re just joking…right?”

With the granddaughters it was different at first. Veronica was very much attached to her mother, and for a year or two she tolerated me but that was about it. When she turned three things changed dramatically and I became a really important person in her life. Now she’s four, and about as sweet as a little girl can be. Even though Grandpa is now firmly wrapped around her finger, I often think how great it would be if you could keep all kids in a permanent state of suspended animation at this age. Not probably the wisest thing to hope for.

Veronica is a real cuddle bunny and likes to sit on my lap while she plays with her toys. She wants her breakfast cereal just her way – some Cheerios with Shreddies layered on top before you put on the milk. She has the most heightened sense of fair play of any kid I’ve seen. Her Nonna says that is exactly the way¬†she was as a little kid.

She’s in a kindergarten class dominated by older boys who she just loves, and who all act like older brothers to her. She’ll be a charmer.

Susannah just turned one and she’s a sunny little girl whose eyes light up when she sees me. She loves to hold my hands while she tries to walk, and she’ll clap her hands if I clap mine. Lately she’s picked up some words: “Hiya.” ‘G’andpa” “Nonna” “Ma-ma””Da -da” and of course “No.” She’s toddling around now and goes a mile a minute with one of those toy walkers with wheels. She has an irresistible smile. The older kids call her “Banana.”

Oh those granddaughters. How they’ve grown on me.




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