Grab and Go

It’s welcome news for many that Ontario is moving to stage 2 of the COVID-19 reawakening.

Soon it’ll be possible to go into a shopping mall, get a haircut, maybe associate in groups of 10, even go to church if the capacity doesn’t exceed 30 percent.

Restaurants will also reopen – sorta. Up until now, they were takeout only. Come this Friday they will have limited dining options. No sitting inside. Outdoor patios with social distancing. Wear a mask when you order – I assume you’ll be able to remove it when eating. The servers will be wearing PPE of some sort. Tim Horton’s is planning to reopen 1000 stores where you can scoff your coffee and donuts out in the parking lot.

I don’t know how you feel about dining al fresco, but it never has appealed to me. Aside from heat and humidity, there’s the probable presence of yellow jackets while you try. I don’t even like eating outside in my own back yard with these nasty little critters around. A patio in a parking lot next to the drive-through doesn’t turn my crank either.

Years ago when Maria and I were dating, we used to go get a burger at the local Harvey’s and eat it in my car. But there were no indoor tables back then at Harvey’s. Are we going back to the 1970s?

The net effect of this type of dining out is that you’ll have an experience akin to the doctor or dentist. You’d have to be pretty desperate to avoid home cooking to roll this way. It’s one thing to pick up a grocery order in a parking lot; it’s quite another to sit out there and have dinner.

Hopefully, this second stage doesn’t last too long, although I’ve heard that it might be September before indoor dining out becomes a reality. Ah for the good old days of last February.

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