Getting There

We had one sea day left before arriving in Civatavecchia. The weather – which had been beautifully benign all cruise long – suddenly got a bit nasty.

In the wake of a low-pressure area, the winds blew from the north at 40 knots, The captain noted one gust of over 60 knots. That is ugly.

By afternoon, we were rockin’ and rollin’ – and we had to start packing for debarkation tomorrow. That sent us looking for the Bonine.

Naturally, the rough stuff lasted all during the time we were pulling suitcases out from under the bed, and staring down into them as we packed. Wonderful experience.

By the time we finished packing, had dinner, and put the suitcases out for collection all the motion was a thing of the past as the Med calmed down.

We had a good view of the island of Corsica as we passed between it and Sardinia.

Early next morning we found ourselves snugly docked in the port of Civitavecchia. Our Roman holiday was about to kick off.

While we were getting ready to leave, a couple of Costa ships joined us in the port. One was older.

And one was newer – a Costa Concordia sister ship.

After breakfast and a brief wait, we disembarked from our home away from home and picked up our luggage on the pier. It was one of the best checkouts ever. We sailed through customs and our driver was waiting for us at the end of the customs hall. Roma here we come!

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