Of all the annoying things about home ownership, nothing is worse than water leaks. I suppose a leak in the basement outweighs a leaky roof but I don’t want either one.

This is the 4th new roof we’ve had to put on (counting a new one on a new house) and honestly we never even came close to the so-called lifespan of the shingles. The best we did was 17 years in our home in Georgetown. So much for warranty coverage.

So after close to 14 years, here we go again. The original roof on the new house was put on in the winter, some of the adhesive strips were never taken off the 3 tab shingles. So generally the adhesion was poor. We had shingles torn off on a windy day in 2011, and a couple of times after that we had a roofer come by to stick down flapping tabs. As well the venting was inadequate, so summer heat started to curl the shingles on the south side of the house.

I suppose we could have waited another year but would you want a leaking roof in February? I thought not.

So – on a couple of sunny days near the summer solstice – we started over with the help of Elite Home Exteriors. The first step was to strip off the old shingles.

All the waste went into this handy trailer.

A big delivery truck brought our new materials.

Everything went up to the roof with a crane attached to the truck. Pretty slick.

Starting at the back – off with the old, on with the new.

By the end of day one, the back was pretty well completed.

Still had the front to finish. No rain in the forecast, fortunately.

By the afternoon of day two, all was well. New underlayment, new flashing, new vents, new shingles. Hopefully, we’ll be good to go for a while. Thanks again to Andrew and his crew for a nice clean job.