Fundy Thursday

Sailing from Halifax to St. John took an extra day and the weather continued to be good. It was very smooth on the way.

Looked like another sunny and warm day was in store for us.

When we got off the ship to start our walkabout, we noted another Norwegian heavyweight was in port ahead of us.

Close to the ship was a sort of “container mall.” They used shipping containers for souvenir and clothing stores. Turkish coffee readings were available as well.

Steamers Lobster is a rather well known seafood spot on the harbor walk.

Former Canada Permanent Trust building on St. Patrick St. now a sports bar. From here we started a steep climb up King Street.

After a couple of breaks we finally climbed all the way up to historic King’s Square.

The Square was a lovely green space.

St John’s Cenotaph – memorials from WW1 to Afghanistan. The Mother Canada figure is similar to the one at Vimy Ridge Memorial.

Certainly a lovely place to spend time on a warm October day.

The bandshell and fountain date from 1910 and are dedicated to King Edward VII.

After a tour of the upper town we came back down King Street – much easier going down. We went into Market Square where we saw the Library and shops.

There is a walkway along the water outside Market Square that takes you past the 3rd cruise terminal. Not needed today as there were only two big guys in port.

The pilot boats were tied up near Cruise Terminal 3.

Just in case you forgot where you were today, the sign on the hill makes it clear.

Heading back to the ship now. This would be our last port of call before sailing for New York.

A last look at the St. John skyline before we sail away.

On our way out of the harbor past the industrial port where this bulk carrier was loading scrap metal.

And we’ll end our voyage with a couple of photos of the seascape. Very smooth sailing back to Bayonne.

We arrived back in Bayonne just as the sun was coming up on Saturday. Our disembarcation was very fast and easy and by 8:30 AM we were on our way home in our car. A great end to a really fun cruise.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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