This summer has been a real mess in the ole neighborhood.

When our houses were built there was no fiber optic cable in Almonte. You either went with copper coax (Rogers) or satellite dish (Bell) for your TV.

In the past year or so Bell has brought fiber optic capability to our town. In the newer (east end) subdivisions they put in the infrastructure before completing the construction. It was a different story for us.

First, they marked all the existing services so we had these annoying little flags all over the lawn playing havoc with lawnmowers.

Next, they excavated a number of spots like this one around the power box between our house and our neighbor. The excavator was a vacuum cleaner on steroids that sounded like a 747. Having this thing around all day was like spending 8 hours at the dentist.

Then they brought in a “Ditch Witch” machine which bored a tunnel underground from place to place. They pulled a plastic conduit sheath through the tunnel. On our side of the street it was a relatively small sheath; on the other side there is a much larger one for future expansion I guess.

After this, they pulled the actual cable through the conduit.

Here is the end of the conduit run. This hole contains a plastic box with more cable that can be strung out to connect Fibe to the house. Not that I am going to use Bell’s service.

After a year or so the Fibe cable becomes generic and any provider can use it. We’ll see if that gives any competiton to the Big Two that monopolize communications in our part of Ontario. Till then, I just hope they backfill the holes and we can get on with life.


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