Family Man

Our son-in-law celebrates his birthday on Monday Sept. 12. On his day of birth, Pink Floyd released an album that featured “Welcome to the Machine.” I don’t know if Dave is thinking about that as he prepares to transition back to the office after a few years of WFH, but hey…

We haven’t been traveling with Dave and Sarah’s family much lately. This photo is from our last pre-Covid cruise in 2019. But they have had a busy summer, capped off by a holiday in San Diego and Anaheim. They are getting back to pre-pandemic “normal” as the kids get back to regular school activity.

For Dave it’ll probably be business as usual – working long and hard (he personally rescued his employer from an embarrassing gaffe when its retail software “upgrade” was anything but.) He continues to support Sarah in her studies, and be a great dad to the kids.

He’s also been Grandpa’s barber of choice lately, and I’m looking forward to another buzz cut when he comes out here next time.

Have a great birthday Dave, and enjoy your time with Sarah and the family.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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