Dueling Technologies


When it comes to Windows systems I find that Bitdefender Internet Security is the best for me. It’s got a great Firewall and Antivirus combination, it’s silent and unobtrusive, it doesn’t bog my PC down, and best of all unlike (choke, gasp!) McAfee it actually prevents malware.

Bitdefender also has excellent online technical and commercial service and can fix most problems in a jiffy. However I recently (and not for the first time) encountered problems where BD antivirus prevented me from doing a legitimate upgrade to my PC. It’s a matter of dueling technologies I suppose.

AMD recently released its newest “Crimson” drivers and since my laptop’s graphics haven’t been updated in a year I decided to download and install the latest AMD software. When I started the installation it got all the way to 2% progress, then the text got gobbledegooky on screen and the window darkened. Finally a message came up that the Installer was not responding. This is scary; if you bork your video driver your computer is in trouble. Fortunately the old driver stayed in place and worked.

It took a couple of days of Internet research to find out that Bitdefender was at fault. Its real time antivirus solution was blocking AMD’s installation. The solution was to completely uninstall Bitdefender, install the video driver software and then reinstall the Internet Security programs. What usually takes a couple of minutes took about an hour.

This is the second time this month I’ve had trouble with Bitdefender. It wouldn’t work after I upgraded to Windows 10 so I had to remove it, install a newer Windows 10 compatible version, and verify my licence. You never find this stuff out in advance, unfortunately.

I suppose I could switch to another Internet Security suite when my licence expires but it seems to me that all of these security products have issues with legitimate changes on your PC. Part of the price you pay for the Windows way of doing things. At least BD keeps me safe (so far.)


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