We have had 3 cats in 36 years. The first two lived well into their teens and had a great life. We are hoping to be around to see Mr Oates do the same.

The secret to this happy turn of events was that each of our cats has stayed indoors.

There are some folks who believe that an indoor cat is so repressed that he can never be contented. Does Oates look like that to you?

Fact is an outdoor cat can end up living a Hobbesian life – nasty, brutish – and short.

  • He can get hit by a car.
  • He can get kidnapped – or poisoned.
  • He can get lost.
  • He can contract a variety of bad communicable diseases.
  • He can serve as lunch for a variety of predators.
  • He can get into cat or dog fights and lose.
  • He can pollute the neighbor’s flowerbeds.
  • He can kill songbirds and generally make a nuisance of himself.

I do not see the point of serving my cat nourishing food, and getting him expensive vet care only to throw it all away because he might like to go out on the prowl.

Oates has never been outside in his life so he won’t miss any of it. As long as he gets to chase after a variety of wand toys before lunch he is happy.

I read a lot of stories in the Facebook “ginger cats” group and it always breaks my heart to see pics of a handsome fellow who met a premature death under the wheels of a car. It is so unnecessary.

I’ll never be convinced that keeping a cat indoors deprives him of anything but danger, sickness, death. So sue me for cruelty.

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