Perhaps you have heard that Target’s entry into Canada has been a spectacular failure and they are closing all 133 of their stores, laying off nearly 18000 staff and retreating south of the border.

We were sorry to hear this as we enjoyed shopping at the Smiths Falls Target. It may not have been equivalent to a US store but it seemed to us to be OK. There were always good deals on bedding and kids clothes at least, and the people were friendly.

We had a gift card from Target so we thought we had better use it quickly. We visited the store today and the death watch was obvious. Store shelves were getting bare and the place had the look of a dying Kmart my son-in-law and I visited in Syracuse a couple of months ago.

However there were no distress prices in evidence – although we did get some bargains on kids flannel sheets and toys left over from Christmas. Electronics and general merchandise were still at their regular prices.

The checkout lady had trouble giving us the shelf advertised sale prices because the management was no longer keeping up the scanner information. She told us it would still be a couple of weeks before the final clearout started, and a couple of months before they close for good. The Starbucks was busy with high school kids, but I understand it’ll be closed permanently as of tomorrow.

We have concluded that our next visit to Target will be when we do some cross border shopping at a US store. Too depressing to go back to one in Canada.