Chocolate Cupcakes

It’s what my younger granddaughter Susannah wants her Nonna to bake for her 8th birthday tomorrow. We have weekly celebrations in October capped off by Susannah’s birthday.

As with all the grandkids, it’s a pleasure to try to keep up with the child’s growth and development. At least it is for Grandpa who loves them more and more as they grow up.

Susannah celebrated her first communion earlier this year, and now she is happily back in her regular classroom at Good Shepherd school. She did fine in remote learning last year, but she missed her friends. She’s socially adept like her mother, and both she and her older sister are unhappy that they have to stay on their cohorts at recess, missing out on a wider circle of contacts. I guess that is something to look forward to as COVID recedes someday.

She still navigates her way expertly on a desktop computer I set up for her, but she’s recently turned the whole setup around so “nobody can look over her shoulder.” Privacy concerns at age 8. Who would have thought?

Susannah and Veronica are roommates, but they look forward to evicting the kittens from their upstairs room and eventually having their own personal space. In the meantime, they both enjoy carrying the long-suffering felines around like dolls.

As is usual at the McLean household a grandkid’s birthday is a multi-day festival, and Susannah will have a party with her friends on Sunday. Nonna and I are happy she’ll be able to fit us in on Saturday this year. Better get busy making those cupcakes, Nonna!

Happy birthday dear Susannah and I look forward to seeing you grow up to be a wonderful person. You have already made a great start.


Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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