Changes in Social Media

I read recently that Google is shutting down its social media platform Google+ over the next few months. They claim it is for security reasons – they had to patch a big breach last March – but it looks to me as if it’s more a case of $$$. If you have never heard of Google+ you are part of their problem I guess. It is tough to compete with Facebook.

There is another platform called MeWe which is trying to be a better Facebook but so far they have about 0.1 % of Facebook’s membership numbers. That means crickets if you go over there. There is also an open source social network called pluspora which you could try if you are concerned about privacy and anonymity, but again its numbers are small.

It’s apparent that Facebook is disproportionately populated by the senior citizenry. Although it started out as a university-based app, Facebook got gray in a hurry. The younger folks like Instagram and Snapchat better. But hey, Facebook owns Instagram too.

There are alternatives but good luck getting all your Facebook friends to switch. If Google couldn’t manage to do it, I don’t like your chances.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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