Cell Phone Roulette

We are nothing if not loyal to our wireless provider. That was the first service Rogers Communications ever provided us – way back in 1991 when they were called Cantel.

In the ensuing 26 years we had 3 – count ’em – cell phones:

  1. (1991-2000) Motorola bag phone – plugged into cigar lighter in the car and only worked there.
  2. (2000-2008) Nokia candy bar phone. We’d probably still be using this puppy except Rogers dropped their analog service and forced us to upgrade.
  3. (2008-2017) Nokia flip phone. Great for phone calls but little else.

So today we joined the 21st century I guess. Maria was up visiting my sister this past week and she discovered the convenience of instant messaging on Linda’s smartphone. She was going to try it on the flip phone. It supported it but all you had was an old numerical keypad that took three presses to get the right letter. You could probably write an instant message faster on a stone tablet with a hammer and chisel.

To make a long story short, we were off to Rogers in Carleton Place today and we came back with our 4th cell phone in 26 years – a Samsung Galaxy A5. Not the latest and greatest tech but it does have a nice display and keyboard and yes – she can send messages on it. She’s happy.

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