Cat 3.0

It’s been nearly a year since the tragic final failure of Cat 2.0 and we’ve had Cat 3.0 installed now for close to 11 months. A technical review is in order.

  1. Look and Feel
    Cat 3.0 has significantly brighter and multicolored appearance compared to the monotone gray of Cat 2.0, although the tactile impression of Cat 2.0 was probably superior. Cat 3.0 has some of the appearance features of Cat 1.0 who was a classic version.
  2. Power Consumption
    All versions haven’t changed much in Consumption in close to 35 years, although the ratio varies from 100% wet in Cat 1.0 to about 70% dry in Cat 3.0. Due to owner spoiling bias, costs have significantly increased for power resources.
  3. Battery Life
    Cat 3.0 has significantly higher initial energy output than Cat 2.0 at this stage of life and requires longer battery recharge sessions. Cat 2.0 got by with shorter and more frequent recharge. Cat 1.0 needed additional heat resources to recharge. Total battery life is probably the same across all 3 versions.
  4. Communication Output
    Cat 3.0 is similar to Cat 1.0 in terms of high frequency communication – both in quality and quantity. Cat 2.0 was deficient in this feature, but made up for it in low frequency communication output – which was legendary.
  5. Intelligence Factors
    Again this hasn’t changed in design over the years. Cat 2.0 was more quietly sneaky than the other versions.
  6. Fear/Curiosity Index
    Cat 3.0 is much higher on this Index than previous versions – at least at this stage in service. When the doorbell rings, he still makes a dash for the closet. Presence of grandchildren under the age of 4 tends to amplify the Fear/Curiosity ratio. Cat 2.0 – laid back and friendly – was the best balanced of the three versions. PITA analysis has Cat 3.0 on top so far.
  7. Reliability
    Too early to tell with Cat 3.0 although initial checks by professional service personnel are encouraging. Cat 1.0 and Cat 2.0 were fine performers, although Cat 1.0 had a couple of major failures due to high Curiosity that were costly and stressful for both owner and Cat. Cat 2.0 was remarkably stress free until late in service life, when end of life issues emerged for a couple of years and eventually resulted in catastrophic failure.

End of review. I now have to check and see if Cat 3.0 is safely in his recharging cradle.

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