Can It Be That It Was All So Simple Then

What can you say about a year whose best feature is that you have to cash in your RRSP for a RRIF?

Well, there have been some significant anniversaries already in this COVID tinged month of October. Birthdays of daughter and granddaughter. Our 50th anniversary of meeting. And now it’s your turn for a special day..

We’ve gone from writing letters to each other and paying 4 cents for the privilege, to posting our sentiments on the Internet.

Through it all we have taken it one day at a time, with kindness, respect and consideration. We’ve lived and worked and loved each other. We were around to hear our grandkids sing Happy Birthday to you yesterday. I’m sure they’ll do it again on your actual day the 27th.

Thank you for being you. It has meant everything to me over the years. Happy birthday dear Maria and I hope you have many more.

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  1. Mandy Martin 12 months ago

    Happy birthday, beautiful Maria!!!

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