Blow Winds..and Crack Your Cheeks

Winter can get here in a hurry at the 45th parallel. Now that the World Series is over, the hockey and basketball seasons are in full swing and the weather is forecast to turn sharply colder, it was time to get ready.

We finished up the outside stuff today. Took down the Muskoka chairs from the deck and tied a tarp over them, cleaned the gas grill and covered it. Previously we covered the A/C unit, brought in the hose and patio furniture, turned off the outside taps, and Maria cut back all the perennials. I got the snowblower serviced. Maybe one more lawn mowing to do.

Go ahead Old Man Winter…we are ready for you. Oh wait, not yet  – still need to get the winter tires installed.

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  1. maria 7 years ago

    I’m hoping the snow will stay away at least till December if not later}:.

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