That’s me in London in 2008. Cheers! By this time, my Almontage blog had been going for 6 years or so – although not very frequently updated. I started off in 2002 using Blogger software and publishing the text from my personal website. This became increasingly impractical and slow so by 2007 I switched to publishing my posts on Blogger’s site itself.

However, by October 2014 I was getting tired of the Blogger look and feel and wanted to get back to my personal website again. I discovered that if I got my own domain with a web hosting firm I could install the free WordPress software and have a much better experience. I have to do my own site maintenance but that is OK. WordPress makes it easy to install plug-ins to control spam, speed up access, and best of all choose your own theme. I went with Bayse – a minimalist single-column personal blog theme.

Only a couple of hundred copies of the Bayse theme were sold and it isn’t available any longer. However, it still works fine with WordPress and you won’t encounter it every time you discover another blog – unlike the default WordPress themes like Twenty Sixteen.

I haven’t tried to write a niche blog like digital photography or recipes for cornbread – I just have a stream of consciousness format. A blog seems a good outlet for travel posts, so I do a series of those if we take a cruise or something similar. I hope friends and family enjoy my ramblings so I link on Twitter and Facebook.

So this month marks my 4th Blog-A-Versary. No big changes or celebrations but I’m happy the way things turned out.




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