Blame It on the Bossy Nonna

8 year old wisdom: “You’re so bossy Nonna, you boss me around all the time.” This was Teddy recently when his Nonna made him quit playing Hot Wheels on the PC and come to lunch.

And Nonna admits that she has always been “a little bossy.” Her own mother agrees – and she knows best.

Today as Maria celebrates her birthday all of us bossees must agree that she does it out of love and concern for us. It’s her Meyers-Briggs ISFJ personality. Plus her teacher experience. Plus her concern we are all healthy and safe and happy.

I mean it’s not as if she doesn’t walk the talk. She’s always ready to help out – her peers, her siblings, her mother, Sarah and Dave, her grandkids, in the community and of course me. Sometimes she gets frustrated that it seems to be “expected” or taken for granted. But then she’s on to the next service opportunity. Go figure.

So my dear Happy Birthday. We all love you and appreciate you. Even a certain ginger tabby four footed bundle of love that cares for you more than anyone else. But he won’t be bossed around either.

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  1. Beth Snow 3 years ago

    Happy birthday, Mrs. MacDonald!

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