Birdsongs (from April 2002)

A vernal highlight for me is the return of the birds to the big trees in our neighborhood. This morning as I stepped outside the front door, I heard a feathery chorus: “Cheery-Up! Cheery-Up!” from a Robin, “Cooah” from a Mourning Dove, “Dee! Dee! Dee!” from a Chickadee, the fast cheery warble of a Purple Finch, and the slow cadenced whistle of a Cardinal.
I immediately thought of our recent walk through the Royal Park in Brussels, where we saw and heard real Cuckoos, and a Blackbird that can sing rather than squawk as our North American Grackles do. Doubtless Charlotte Bronte enjoyed the same sights and sounds 160 years ago.
Of all God’s gifts to humanity, the song of one of these light-as-air creatures must rank among the best.

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