That’s what the older kids call her. Sometimes her mother does too. I have threatened on occasion to call her “Susie-Q” – but that is a non-starter. So let’s just call her Susannah.

Here she is with her bisnonna in September. Last Friday she celebrated her second birthday.

Susannah is a contradiction in terms when it comes to behavior. On one hand she’s on the go constantly – chasing after “Mr. Oates, Mr. Oates!” when he doesn’t really relish the attention. On the other she’s a model of quiet concentration if she has a book to read or a picture to color. She talked in clear sentences earlier than either Teddy or Veronica, and she loves to speak to Grandpa on the phone. She also loves Paw Patrol. If you don’t know what that is, ask the next rug rat you see about Rubble and Chase.

Probably she’s the closest thing to her Mom when it comes to early childhood development, although she is far more physical – fearless when it comes to climbing and kids gymnastics. She’s an incredible cuddle bug.

She’s not about to take a back seat in the pecking order either – one of her first real phrases was “I wannit.” When she turns those fabulous blue eyes your way, it’s easy to see why she is fast becoming Grandpa’s (second) girl. Happy birthday sweetie – and many more.

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