Back to Normal

Mr. Oates isn’t really a Christmas party animal. He was getting along fine when Maria’s mother came up the week before, but when 13 other people arrived on Christmas Day he had enough of the festivities. Oates went to his favorite spot in the bedroom closet and stayed there until the hordes left. After that, he hid out on top of the wall unit in the basement.

Sarah, Dave and the grandkids stayed on and that messed up his favorite spot on the guest room bed. After they headed back to Ottawa yesterday, he magically reappeared.

He spent last night in his customary spot at the foot of our bed. Now since his cat bed has returned to its place in the guest room, everything is back to normal. And normal is all a cat ever really wants things to be.

He’ll be happy to know there’s no New Year’s Eve party planned around here.

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